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I love to spend my time with my dearest...
sometimes you can also find me outdoors...
...doing sports, or whatever you call it^^

don't drink fuck in it

Ganz kurz zu mir
Ich bin komisch... 
Färbe meine Haare nach Lust und Laune (jetzt blond :D) 
Ja, pfff, Keine ahnung... Ananas

She hung the phone and I said "Fuck you it's over"
Sorry but this is the end
I said "Don't trip it was just a harmless sleepover"
See, we're just was making friends
She said "then what were you doing there in 4 in the morning?"
You told me you were at home
I started with "darling please listen"
And then I picked up my phone
I told my story in RE'cause it hurts
Girl it hurts too much to bare
But I'm tantalized by their legs & long hair
But if I could do it again
I would do it again!
I plugged my phone in as I backed out the driveway,
Then I started my car
Slipped out the door after I crept through her hallway
She left it slightly ajar, yeah
Threw on my kicks my socks my jeans and my t-shirt
Then threw my HAT on my head
I did it quiet so that I wouldn't wake her
Woke up in another girl's bed...
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