Oh love, where art thou? [vor 3 Jahren]
Nicolas Galani, 8020 Graz
Nicolas Galani
24 Jahre
8020 Graz
Online: vor 3 Jahren
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Hobbys / Interessen:
Empathy; acknowledging my lens of the world, your lens, and trying to see through your eyes. Even if I hated your guts. I do actually believe that practiced kindness and understanding is able to establish a connection between us which has the real power to change cemented behavior and bring us, as a species of social creatures, closer together.
Melancholy; enjoying sadness on a profound level.
Cultivating gratitude.
Obsessing over language.
Genres: Indie, Rock, Klassik
Musiker: Don McLean; Aleah; Lotte Kestner; Death Cab for Cutie; Sufjan Stevens
Film & TV :
Genres: intellectual and drama/love movies, animes, fantasy/adventure series, comedy series
Filme: The Fault in Our Stars; Elizabethtown; K-PAX; Juno; Herr der Ringe; Der Gott des Gemetzels; Die Sprache des Herzens
5 Dinge ohne die ich nicht leben kann:
I need a temperature level of way under 20° Celsius to function properly.
I need to regularly walk for hours through my beloved hometown Graz, alone with myself, my environment and my music.
I can endlessly talk about social intelligence and the idiosyncrasies we humans are able to develop.
I have summer depression (yes, it's a thing).
Hm, what else? Freedom of expression, impressions, caressing cats from time to time, interacting with other living beings, constantly revisiting your profile 'cuz I'm too stupid to remember it, masturbating, farting and sweating. Bonus points for honesty, anyone?

Mehr als fünf? Meimei, bin ich aber böse.
Welcome dear human! Should you be eager to immerge in a not so summarized summary, grab some juice and a cookie and scroll on, I've got plenty of profound sounding blah-blah for you.
Let's start with some catchy keywords trying to portray my essential traits:

melancholic - frech - dankbar - advocatus diaboli - altruistic (fueled by pure egoism) - unverschämt bilingual - Grammar-Nazi - romantisch - self-sceptical - pluviophil (Bitte nicht googlen, falls ihr zartbesaitete Fetisch-Neurotiker seid.) - awesome at presenting myself online

Now here's the part on the very essence of my soul:
I crave authenticity in life, in people. I believe everyone does, whether they're aware of it or not. An emotional connection between you, me, the in-between, on a fundamental level of existence. There's this suffocating fog of superficiality in our wannabe-openminded society caused by people not facing their inner conflicts which fuels my impetus to crush those invisible borders in our heads via the means of real empathy. Too bad nobody likes to talk about their problems and people either get hostile or isolate themselves when you do that.
I do that for this very reason. Yes, I'm fun at parties.
Personal back coupling: Therefore, I am not suited for all too shallow conversations and wearing societal masks. When I feel bad due to personal problems, I will either try to connect with you on a sensitive, emotional level and address pain, or, if that doesn't work, I'll politely dismiss myself from any conversation and crawl inside the introverted whole at the bottom of my heart where light scarcely reaches. I am an open and honest person and expect those traits from you too in order to keep an interesting - i.e. real - conversation going.
I don't intend coming across as someone who can't enjoy fluffy smalltalk, but my way of getting to know people is inverse to usual bonding. I will search for an intimate, empathetic connection with you first and then engage in everyday talk in order to enjoy our time together, be it as friends, lovers or mere acquaintances. (I'll make an exception if you're a big fan of Digimon and just want to watch the awesome first seasons together.)

However, coming from a personal background of extreme shyness and shame-prone self-hate - I do understand the possible difficulty of being vulnerable and getting in touch with people with your emotions laid-out naked. Thus, don't get me wrong for some arrogant phony who thinks he's figured out life. Really, I know shit. Nonetheless, I believe in my intuition in regard to how and why humans behave the way they do ...
... well, actually my intuitive personal findings are highly supported by researchers on the topics of shame/blame/vulnerability/empathy, so ... yeah, well, I guess I indeed am an arrogant douchebag thinking he understands everyone out there. Lawyered.

Let's move on:
I'm an idealist struggling with thoughts on how to 'make the world a better place' and enjoying an hedonistic lifestyle in one of the richest countries at the same time, thus: Trying to increase my joy in life by reducing the suffering other beings have to endure. Which, practically speaking, leans toward a lifestyle including veganism, humanism/feminism, ecological literacy, promotion of wholehearted self-love and other fancy liberal badass shit.
Feel free to criticize me on these views. I don't need people who perfectly mirror my own opinions. Despite being very serious about them, I like to challenge my mind and debate over different ways to think and live.

I am in a hopeless, twisted relationship with the idea of love and the ideal of love. Yes, I'm a fucking romantic at heart.
I want to share my silence with you. And everything that lurks underneath.
I believe in intense eye contact as a matchmaker.
Lovely eyebrows make me horny. As does dancing in the moonlight with a rainy sky atop our heads.
In a nutshell: I shed tears for Tracy Mosby.
Would you like to write the poem of love together, darling?

I try to cultivate an honest love for mankind and appreciation for my place in this wondrous maelstrom called life. Which sometimes is hard as fuck when I go outside and meet this mankind for real.

A sidenote on diction: I do not categorize language in profanity and elaborated speaking manners. I'm against the discrimination of 'foul language' in serious discussions. Emphasizing a statement emotionally with 'swear words' is actually essential for whole-hearted expression of oneself, I believe, especially in regard to the rational discussion of ideas deconstructing the human being. There has to be room for expressing sentiments. If you don't share my sincere sympathy for vulgarity, I'll politely beg you to fuck off. (This paragraph may also apply to your notion of sarcasm.)

I have a thing for Fine Art Photography and writing. It's my way of telling stories.

My mind is trapped in a medieval fantasy world.

What else? Well, I'm primarly here in search for love. Don't hesitate to contact me if you think we just could have an awesome discussion about life and its peculiarities, though. However, I'm not interested in mere virtual friendships and chats going on for months. I want to get in touch with people; literally.
Nicolas hat 1 Freund
schrieb am 08.07.2015 - 17:55
Hallo mein lieber Freund!
Du bist einer der besten Menschen die mir in meinen Leben begegnet sind und ich bin froh Dich lieber Nici als Freund zu habenLächelnd Alles liebe Ben Der Dichter