Bitte nicht nur mit einem einfach hallo oder wie geht's anschreiben! [vor 4 Monaten]
Delphino, 1220 Wien
1220 Wien
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Nette Leute, Was sich ergibt
Hobbys / Interessen:
cycling, ordering hamburger mixed with ice cream and strawberry cake in Mc'Donald, creating future plans, executing those plans, tennis, world travel, martial arts, thnking about the universe, socialising with people from abroad and some interesting Austrians
everything except Heavy Metal and Hard Rock
Film & TV :
Universe, Big Bang Theory, Science Busters, Hör mal wer da hämmert, the big red nose, the origin of everything
5 Dinge ohne die ich nicht leben kann:
water, salat, some proteins, books and my brain

Better than shark week!

Some people call me rebellious. I tend to call myself an adventurer and libertine of life… 
 When I’m not in my university and focusing on the beautiful supreme QueenMusic of Reason… you will see me racing through green landscapes with mybike, building a beautiful and cozy nest for my cat, buying new books or bouncing through shopping mals like a frog. =)

Yeah, you know, when one walks on the street and stands in front of shopping mals one can easily detect stressfull pale-faces outside. Or a face where one gets the feeling the Grim Reaper himself is dominating this person… this awakens my drive to show people how nice it is to simply live and then I decide to hop into houses like a frog and see how suddenly the faces of passing people start becoming flashing light bulbs :) (not all, I can’t do that).

I tend to be drawn to those people who got a natural and cool sense of humor – hard sarcasm, irony and also a bit of black humor (but no mean humor just the playful one).

I wanna admit stg. now. I got a terrible disease. Yeah, some friends are already flying off the handle. Some even wanna die:o An idea what I’m mentioning here? 
 It’s called AWEsomeness… and because you are still with me, you are demonstrating YOU, dear reader, are AWESOME too ;]]

Crazy greets,

Elias Lazar ;-]]

P.S. You love life, want to grow on a daily basis and feel a desire to eventually also help others to achieve the same? Then yo yo yo yo yo, I will call your name today, so let's go go go go go ;-}}

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